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I have known Evangelist Tim Groves now for a number of years.  He has ministered several times at Holmes Memorial Church and Holmes Bible College.  He is a phenomenal Bible preacher and he is greatly used by the Spirit.  Bring him to your place!
Rev. D. Chris Thompsson

President of
Holmes Bible College &
Pastor of
Holmes Memorial Church
Greenville, South Carolina
Revs. Tim and Bethany Groves are ordained ministers in good standing with D.C.M.I.  They have pastored and ministered in many churches across America and have been a great blessing wherever they minister.  I highly recommend their ministry.
Rev. Dr. John G.L. Burpee
President and Founder of
Destiny & Churches
Ministries International
Fort Worth, Texas
Tim has a powerful anointing to preach and teach God's Word and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that produces a deep work in the heart and minds of every believer.  Make sure you invite your family, friends and neighbors for a life changing experience.
Rev. JD Minerella

Senior Pastor of
Trinity Church
Assemblies of God
Derry, New Hampshire
I very much appreciate the heart and ministry of Tim.  God's anointed him to powerfully preach and teach the Word and to provide supernatural help for those he ministers to.  I'm impressed with Tim's faith, inspired through his messages, and challenged by his passion for mentoring those of a younger generation.  He has a compassion for the lost and those in need.  Many miracles of healing and life change have occurred through this ministry.  I highly recommend him.
Tim has ministered at our church more than once and each time delivered a stirring message that compelled people to respond.  I can say without hesitation that when Tim comes to minister so does the Holy Spirit.  Not only are his messages clear and well presented, but they're anointed.  Tim has a great knowledge of God's Word and a genuine heart for the salvation of everyone.  He preaches the gospel in all its effectiveness as he presents the truth.  I recommend T2MM to any church.
Revs. Timothy and Bethany Groves have been personal friends to myself and my family for many years and known to Christ Disciples Assembly since 1998.  We have always been blessed anytime they came to minister.  Tim's belief and teaching of sound doctrine has blessed him with spiritual gifts that bring revival when he comes to minister.  Lives have never been the same as the Lord uses His anointed servant to minister to their needs.
Rev. Doug Bartlett

NCIPHC Conference
Evangelism &
Missions Director
Falcon, North Carolina
Rev. Ron Moore Jr.

Lead Pastor
Intersection Church
Merrimack, New Hampshire
Rev. Ebenezer Dadeboe

Senior Pastor of
Christ Disciples Assembly
Independent African Church
York, Pennsylvania
I have the pleasure of being a friend of Tim Groves.  He has been a student of the Scriptures since his youth.  And just as importantly, he lives what he believes!  He has a deep love for Jesus' body, the Church.  His preaching is both challenging and kind, touching the hearts of both the new believer as well as the seasoned saint.  The scripture of Proverbs 4:7-9 comes to mind when I think of my friend: "Pursue wisdom (and understanding)...prize her...embrace her..."
It has been my pleasure to know Rev. Tim Groves for the past few years.  His family has ministered at our church, very successfully, on several occasions.  We even financially support their ministry and have for the last few years.  Their demeanor and complete willingness to work for God and His people are remarkable.  It would be my pleasure to recommend him for any and all church duties and responsibilities.
I've had the pleasure to know Revs. Timothy and Bethany Groves since the early 1990's.  I have never heard anything derogatory about their character or their Christian walk with God.  They were both excellent students in the college I founded and were examples to others with their behavior.  It is my opinion that their ministry would bless any church.  Rev. Groves shows leadership in his house and his children are all well-behaved.
Apostle John Eckhardt

President & Founder
Stauron Ministries

STopsham, Maine
Rev. David Bean

Senior Pastor of
Beacon of Hope
Church of God
Bangor, Maine
Rev. Dr. Russell K. Pier
Pentecostal Conservative
School of the Bible
Lakeland, FL
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