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Leg Instantly Grew Out
Knee Pain Gone - No More Braces
Arm/Shoulder Restored
Arthritis Healed
Torn Meniscus Healed
Eyes Healed
I was trapped in a car from an accident and my legs and knees where pinned for hours.  I had severe pain in my knees and legs so much so that it became a part of my daily routine.  If I sit down the pain subsides but if I walk or stand it becomes quite unbearable.  Tim prayed for me and then came back to pray for me again.  This time I felt a heat go through my legs.  Tim asked me to stand and walk with him.  As we walked, Tim asked me if the pain was subsiding or completely gone.  I told him it had gone completely and I kept on walking.  I have remained pain free.  Thank you Jesus.
It's a miracle!  That's all there is to it! My eight year old granddaughter had brain cancer and it was spreading to her bones.  When Tim and his team came to our church he asked for those who were sick to come forward to receive healing.  I went forward and received healing in my body.  I then asked Tim to pray for my granddaughter.  He called out her name and cursed the cancer in the name of Jesus.  Two weeks later my daughter told me they had done new scans and they can not find cancer anywhere.  She is cancer free!  To God be the glory!!!
Your ministry came to our church and my wife and I came forward for prayer for our son, Adam.  He was somewhere in Florida and strung out on heroine.  We didn't know exactly where he was or how to get in contact with him, but we wanted him to come home.  Tim began to pray and he declared a CODE ADAM, relating that missing children in a store is a CODE ADAM.  Tim began to call out into the spirit realm a CODE ADAM so that our son Adam would come home and be reconciled.  Two weeks later we heard from our son and he wanted to come home.  It has been a journey, but he is now coming to church with us and we are so very grateful to God for His goodness.
I had lost hearing in my left ear.  I went forward for prayer.  Tim began to lay hands on my ear and commanded hearing to come forth.  As he was praying I started to hear from that ear.  I'm trusting God for full restoration of my hearing.  God started it and I know He will finish it.
"I was sitting in the back of the church and everybody else was already prayed and for and most everyone had already left the church.  The pastor pointed me out to Evangelist Tim and said that I needed prayer.  He started making his way back to me.  I got up and hobbled towards him as the arthritis in my knee was so bad I couldn't walk without limping.  He laid his hands on my knee and commanded arthritis to go in Jesus name.  He had me lift my leg and bend my knee.  I could feel the pain leaving.  He spoke to the knee again and then had me walk with him.  As I walked all the pain left and I started to dance and shout and actually jump and stomp my foot and could not feel pain no matter what.  Praise God for His healing power.  Thank you Jesus."
As a pastor I have seen God heal.  My wife was experiencing such symptoms that we went to a few different specialist spending over $100,000.  We finally said "no" to more doctors and my wife was barely able to walk, a near cripple.  Brother Groves came to our church for revival meetings and he prayed for my wife.  She felt the Lord touch her and all symptoms are now gone and she is completely healed and has full mobility.  Praise God.
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