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Time 2 Move Ministries
Rev Timothy Groves speaking at the Central Maine Christian Center in Skowhegan, Maine.
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Since 2010 Time 2 Move Ministries (founded by Revs. Timothy & Bethany Groves) has been encouraging, equipping and empowering God's people to move mountains and to not settle for the ordinary but to rather partner with God and be extraordinary.

The continued mission of T2MM is to help believers understand their identity in Christ, to realize their purpose and fulfill their destiny and to learn how to live in the Kingdom of God and see that Kingdom advanced in the final chapters of the last days.  This ministry is about kingdom demonstration and not just proclamation.  This is why healing and miracles are a regular occurrence in this ministry.  Signs and wonders confirm the Word.

This ministry comes to be a blessing to the pastor and the congregation, and to serve in any way we can.  The desire is to promote the bonds of love that hold the Kingdom of God together.  This ministry goes wherever the Lord opens the door and has ministered, not only in every major Pentecostal camp and denomination, but also in Baptist, Congregational, Nazarene, Christian Missionary & Alliance churches and more.  The Kingdom of God is not confined to man-made labels, but it is inter-denominational and moves freely amongst the people of God, wherever they may gather.

This ministry is making an impact in lives all across America and into other nations as well.  This ministry has personally traveled across America ministering coast to coast, from top to bottom and everywhere in between.  The number of souls saved, bodies healed, and lives transformed have been too numerous to mention here.  

This ministry also goes into nations like Canada and Jamaica to preach the gospel and demonstrate the Kingdom.  This ministry supports two full time missionaries in Mexico as well as another ministry that ministers around the world. 

If you would like to make a financial investment into this ministry to help us in fulfilling the vision the Lord has given to us, feel free to use the DONATE  button.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit incorporated organization, you will receive a tax deduction for any donation (unless you are using the donate button to purchase products from our product table).  Thank you for sowing a seed to meet the many needs!
"I have known Evangelist Tim Groves now for a number of years.  He recently held meetings at Holmes Memorial Church & Holmes Bible College.  He is a phenomenal Bible preacher and he is greatly used by the Spirit.  Bring him to your place!"
--Rev. D. Chris Thompson
   President of Holmes Bible College
   Pastor of Holmes Memorial Church

"Revs. Tim and Bethany Groves are ordained ministers in good standing with D.C.M.I.  They have pastored and ministered in many churches and have been a great blessing wherever they minister.  I highly recommend their ministry."
---Rev. Dr. John G.L. Burpee
    Founder of D.C.M.I
    Fort Worth, Texas
"I very much appreciate the heart and ministry of Evangelist Timothy Groves.  God has anointed him to powerfully preach and teach the Word and to provide supernatural help for those he ministers to.  I am impressed with Tim's faith, inspired through his messages, and challenged by his passion for mentoring those of a younger generation.  Tim also has a compassion for the lost and those in need.  Many miracles of healing and life change have occurred through his ministry.  His wife, Bethany, and their children often join him when feasible and together they are an exceptional ministry team for the Lord's use.  I highly recommend their services for your church."
---Rev. Doug Bartlett
   NCIPHC Conference Evangelism &
   Missions Director

"Tim has ministered at The Intersection Church more than once and each time has delivered not only a stirring message but one that compelled people to respond. I'm third generation ministry and have served in ministry my entire life in many parts of the country. I can say without hesitation that when Tim Groves comes to minister so does the Holy Spirit. Not only are his messages clear and well presented, but they are also anointed which, for our ministry, is of first importance. Tim has not only a great knowledge of God's Word but also a genuine heart for the salvation of everyone. To that end he preaches the Kingdom of God in all its effectiveness as he presents the truth of a living King Jesus. I would recommend the Time 2 Move Ministries team to any church who desires to move further into the goodness of God."
---Rev Ron Moore Jr.
    Intersection Church
    Merrimack, New Hampshire 

"Rev. Tim Groves is an anointed minister of the gospel that preaches the whole truth of God’s Word. We had the privilege of having him and his family with us at Calvary and we were blessed. We have heard reports from several people who thoroughly enjoyed his ministry. The Groves Family stayed in our home for a week and we found them genuine and all have a heart after God. They are a family that practices what they preach. Any church would be blessed to have them minister."
---Rev. Troy R. Campbell, Pastor
    Calvary Pentecostal Church
    Sussex, New Brunswick
"Tim has a powerful anointing to preach and teach God's Word and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that produces a deep work in the heart and minds of every believer. Make sure you invite your family, friends and neighbors for a life changing experience."
---Rev. J.D. Minerella
    Healing Rain Ministries (A/G)
    Seabrook, New Hampshire
"I would highly recommend Time 2 Move Ministries to any pastor who is expecting a message that will be addressed to them and the church."
---Rev. Jon Ouellette
    Lighthouse Church of God
    Orrington, Maine
"Revs. Timothy and Bethany Groves have been known to Christ Disciples Assembly (CDA) since 1998. CDA has always been blessed anytime they visit. Tim's belief and teaching of sound doctrine has blessed him with spiritual gifts that bring revival when he comes to minister. Their inspirational worship before service prepares the hearts of the congregation for Divine visitation. Lives have never been the same as the Lord uses His anointed servants to minister to their needs."
---Pastor Ebenezer Dadeboe
    Christ Disciples Assembly
    York, Pennsylvania
"It has been my pleasure to know Rev. Tim Groves for the past few years. His family has ministered at our church, very successfully, on several occasions. Their demeanor and complete willingness to work for God and His people are remarkable. It would be my pleasure to recommend him for any and all church duties and responsibilities."
---Rev. David Bean
    Beacon of Hope Church of God
    Bangor, Maine
"It has been my pleasure to know Revs. Timothy and Bethany Groves for nearly 20 years.  I have never heard anything derogatory about their character or their Christian walk with God.  They were both excellent students in the college I founded and were examples to others with their behavior.  It is my opinion that their ministry would bless any church.  Rev. Groves shows leadership in his home and his children are all well-behaved.”
---Dr. Russell K. Pier
     Pentecostal Conservative
     School of the Bible
Conference Information:
    Having served in the pastorate for nearly 15 years, we understand that the local church usually brings in a guest ministry for only one service or one Sunday.  But we also understand there are times when there is a desire to expose the local church to the guest ministry for more than one service or one Sunday.  For these times we offer a variety of conferences for the local church.
     These conferences can be done in a minimum of two services or in some cases a maximum of five services .  We can easily accommodate the busy schedule of the local church.
     Spiritual warfare is a very broad subject.  Most of the teaching today is solid and biblical, but some of the teaching simply has no basis from the Word of God. 
     Our teaching on this subject centers more on an overlooked and often neglected area of spiritual warfare: How Christians respond to the hurts and wounds of life. 
     If we as Christians react to the hurts of life in a biblical manner, with love, mercy and forgiveness, then we win that battle.  If we react with anger, hatred, unforgiveness and bitterness, then we have lost that battle.
     Sadly, every time we lose one of these battles we are giving place to the enemy to attack us and influence us with his forces of manipulation, betrayal, rebellion and religiosity. 
     There is a way for us as believers to be victorious and we share these ways in this conference.
Testimony from Pastor Jon Ouellette, Lighthouse COG, Orrington, ME (his church hosted a S.W. Conference):
"A brother came forth to see me about two weeks after the conference and expressed how much he enjoyed the teaching on that Sunday on honoring authority.  He admitted that in all his years as a Christian he never had allowed a pastor to 'pastor' him.  With tears in his eyes he shared from his heart.  Now he wants more than ever to honor me as his Pastor and allow our relationship to be stronger.  WOW!!!  Praise God!"
Testimony from Pastor Charli Spearrin of Evergreen Wilderness Chapel in Solon, Maine
"The Spiritual Warfare Conference with Evangelist Timothy Groves was AWESOME!!!  The church needs to hear the message.  LOTS of food for our soul.  Great Conference!"
Testimony from Pastor Mark Carter
of Old Fashion Revival Center in Blaine, Maine
"We had Rev. Tim Groves to our church for a Spiritual Warfare Conference.  It was an excellent presentation and well received by those in attendance.  I believe this teaching is greatly needed in the Body of Christ today and highly recommend the ministry of the Groves."
In this conference we cover topics like:
What Is Kingdom Living,
Why Jesus Preached the Kingdom, How Kingdom Finances Work,
Functioning in Kingdom Power, Ambassadors of the Kingdom
and much more.
This conference is designed to be either a one hour segment, a two hour segment or a three hour segment seminar.  The three areas of stewardship that we look into is:
(1) Finances and how we are to handle our finances according to life within the Kingdom of God.  We look at what the Word says about: Tithing,
First Fruits, Alms and Offerings/Seed, as well as a proper teaching of true biblical prosperity and more.
(2). Health and Nutrition and how our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and how we need to be good stewards of them.  We will learn practical things to do to stay healthy and well.
(3). Negative Thinking and how these negative thoughts reek havoc on our physical bodies and how we can change the way we think by renewing our mind with the Word of God.  We will learn that we can break the cycle of defeat, fear-filled thoughts with life-giving thoughts centered on the Word.
You can choose which topic(s) you want covered, whether it be only one or all three.
In our Men's retreat or conference weekend, or however you might want to plan it, we offer a teaching on the life of Samson and we also offer a teaching on being warriors of the Kingdom.

"Last year your ministry came to our church and my wife and I came forward for prayer for our son Adam.  Adam was somewhere in Florida and strung out on heroine.  We didn't know exactly where he was or even how to get in contact with him, but we wanted him to come back home.  Rev. Tim began to pray and he declared a CODE ADAM, relating that when a child is missing in department stores they issue a code Adam.  Rev. Groves began to call out into the spirit realm a code Adam so that our son Adam would come home and be reconciled.  Two weeks later we received a phone call from our son and he wanted to come home.  It has been a journey but he is now coming to church with us and we are so very grateful to God for His goodness."

"I was trapped in a car from an accident and my legs and knees were pinned for hours.  I have had severe pain in my knees and legs so that it has become a part of my daily routine.  If I sit the pain subsides but if I walk or stand it becomes quite unbearable.  You prayed for me and then came back to pray for me again.  This time I felt a heat go through my legs.  You asked me to stand and walk with you.  As we walked across the front of the church you asked me if the pain was subsided or completely gone.  I told you it had gone completely.  I kept on walking and even when I went to leave church that night I was still pain free.  Thank you Jesus and thank you Brother Groves for coming and preaching and teaching on healing."

"I had broken my arm and had osteoarthritis in my shoulder.  I had limited mobility in that arm and was not able to swing it back and forth.  At the healing service you agreed with me for healing and now I am able to move that arm all around.  I couldn't do that just a few minutes prior.  Praise God for His power!"

"As a pastor I have seen God heal. My wife was experiencing such symptoms that we went to a few different specialist spending over $100,000. We finally said 'no' to more doctors any my wife was a near cripple. Brother Groves came to our church for revival meetings and he prayed for my wife. She felt the Lord touch her and all symptoms are gone and she is completely healed. Praises to our God."

"I was sitting in the back of the church and everybody else was already prayed and for and most everyone had already left the church.  The pastor pointed me out to Evangelist Tim and said that I needed prayer.  He started making his way back to me.  I got up and hobbled towards him as the arthritis in my knee was so bad I couldn't walk without limping.  He laid his hands on my knee and commanded arthritis to go in Jesus name.  He had me lift my leg and bend my knee.  I could feel the pain leaving.  He spoke to the knee again and then had me walk with him.  As I walked all the pain left and I started to dance and shout and actually jump and stomp my foot and could not feel pain no matter what.  Praise God for His healing power.  Thank you Jesus."

"I had lost hearing in my left ear.  I went forward for prayer.  Tim began to lay his hands on my ear and command hearing to come forth.  As he was praying I started to hear from that ear.  I'm trusting God for full restoration of my hearing.  God started it and I know He will finish it."

"Brother Tim laid hands on my eyes and commanded healing to come forth.  I would constantly see spots no matter which eye I looked through.  After he prayed I noticed the spots were gone in my one eye.  He prayed again and the spots on the other eye had disappeared as well.  Praise God I'm healed!"

"I suffer from constant pain in my left shoulder from injuries I received defending this nation.  I have even battled with prescription pain pill addiction because of the constant pain. Tim called me on the phone and had me lay my one hand on my left shoulder and then he began to speak to the pain to leave.  He quoted scriptures and spoke to the issue in Jesus name.  The pain decreased and my muscles began to relax but there was still some pain.  He began to speak again and this time all the pain was gone.  I haven't been pain free in years.  He also prayed for my PTSD and my mind.  I felt God touch my mind and for the first time that I can remember my mind was at peace and joy was coming into my heart.  I didn't think God still healed today as I have been told this kind of thing died out with the early apostles.  God is awesome!!!"

"When I saw Tim lay hands on a woman and command pain to leave her foot and the woman then said her level 8 pain was completely gone, I thought she was lying.  Then he prayed for me.  My back was in severe pain.  I even took pain meds that morning but by the afternoon service to pain had come back.  Tim ministered healing and my pain dropped from a level 8 to a level 4.  he then prayed again and had me slowly bend over while he commanded healing to come forth.  Something shifted in my back and all the pain was gone.  Praise God for His healing power!"

"Praise God!  I don't need shoulder surgery!  I told you at the altars what the doctors said and how I didn't want surgery from them, but from Dr. Jesus.  You prayed for me and I felt God's power flow through me.  I saw the doctor again and was able to show him the full mobility I now have with no pain.  He said surgery is no longer needed.  Thank you Jesus."

"It's a miracle!  That's all there is to it...its a miracle.  My 8 year old granddaughter had brain cancer and it was spreading to her bones.  You all came to our church to minister and began to call for the sick to be prayed for.  I went and received from the Lord myself.  When you were just about done praying for people I stepped up and ask you to pray for my granddaughter and her situation.  You called her name out and cursed the cancer in Jesus name.  I was told by my child that the new tests and scans were done and my granddaughter is cancer free!  No more cancer anywhere!!!"

"I suffered with COPD to the point where I was on oxygen almost all the time.  I came to church to the service with my oxygen tank.  As you were praying for the sick, I came forward.  You and your team laid hands on me and prayed.  You asked me to take a step of faith and remove the oxygen and walk around the church as fast as I could and stop if I felt I needed to.  I walked quickly around the church 13 times without oxygen and when I stopped I was breathing normally and did not need to put my oxygen back on.  It feels so awesome to breathe again.  God bless you all and the work you are doing and thank you for coming to North Carolina."

"I wanted to let you know that all the numbness in my right arm is gone.  I had it for so long I thought I would loose my arm.  But after you prayed for me the numbness left and feeling has returned and I can lift my arm above my head which I haven't been able to do in a long time.  Thank you for coming to Canada!"

"I stood amazed and watched your daughter lay hands on people at the altars and pray for them.  I witnessed a few get filled with the Spirit, some get slain out and I even listened to her prophesy the word of the Lord to them and she was right on.  May God keep using her and your whole family for His glory."

"We want you to come back and not just for a Sunday but a week of revival.  There was such a spirit of revival in the house I wished we could have extended the services." ---a pastor

"My life has been transformed through your ministry." ---a pastor

"We have never met a family like yours before.  So awesome to see the whole family ministering together and enjoying what you do.  Seeing teenagers involved in the Lord's work, being used in the gifts of the Sprit and praying with people at the altars....it's just awesome.  We are praying for you."

"I started taking the principles you have shared with us through your message and have already seen God do awesome things.  Thanks for making the Word of God so easy to understand and presented in such a way that I can apply it to my life."

"What a powerhouse this ministry is for the Kingdom of God!  the word they bring forth is from the throne room of God.  The anointing on their music they play and sing is refreshing.  We love the new cd they produced."

"We love you folks and the way the Lord is using you.  We love how His Word is in your mouth and how excellently you release that word with the power of His might.  Keep on keeping on."

"Words cannot describe what God did at the altars in this service.  Truly the Lord was at work."

"After prayer at the altar, there is no more neck pain."

"One of the most powerful services I have ever been in!  Praise God!"

"I asked God for an answer to a question I had and what you preached was my answer!  Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit of God."

"Went to church tonight.  Timothy Groves and his family was there doing what God called them to do and I have to say I could listen to them seven days a week.  God is extremely using this family for the day and hour we are in.  I pray God blesses them greatly for their obedience to Him." 

"We are so glad you came to minister at our church.  People were touched by the Lord.  the gifts of the Spirit were in operation and setting people free.  Thank you for all that you do in the kingdom of God."

"Powerful!  I felt the presence of God so strong as the Word of God was being preached.  I pray you all come back real soon."

"What an anointed family.  The whole family flows under the anointing of the Lord and ministers with such grace."

"What great services with the Groves Family.  Tim brought forth a rhema word for the church.  He was reading our mail!  It was powerful and direct.  Thank you so much." ---a pastor

"Every time you have come to our church to preach, you have had a timely word.  Just what we needed.  Thank you."

"Your ministry was such a blessing to me.  I felt a heavy weight lift from my shoulders as you preached the Word."

"I must tell you that when you prayed for me, I felt a heat flow through my body and I received my healing.  No more pain!"

"WOW!  What an amazing weekend of services."

"We love you and your beautiful family.  Always an exciting word when you all come to minister."

"You and your family are a blessing!"

"You shared on the four types of biblical giving and when talking about sowing seed, you said that 2 Corinthians 9 tells us that 'God gives seed to the sower', so we did as you instructed and asked God to send us seed.  We had no idea how God was going to get it to us, but when we went home after the seminar we found a check in the mail from where we over paid a bill from three years ago.  There is no way that is by chance.  That was God.  So we sowed this same amount and we are looking for a harvest."

"At the beginning of the service, you told me to 'get ready'.  That same night I received the baptism in the Holy Ghost and I have never experienced anything like that before. It was awesome!!!!"

"This has been an awesome revival.  So glad we extended it.  We saw souls saved, bodies healed, people delivered and even people filled with the Holy Ghost.  God is about to take this church to a new level."

"I gave a prayer request of a woman in a coma and not doing well.  You said you felt the Holy Spirit speak to you to declare and decree that she come out of the coma and recover.  The next day I got word that my friend had come out of the coma and was doing well."

"I must tell you what the Lord did.  During the altar call you spoke about how God was going to break bondages and chains and even the chains of pornography.  Everyone came through the prayer line, including me.  When I went home to tell my husband about the service, before I could say anything my husband told me that God touched him at home and he threw away all of his porn magazines.  Praise God for His delivering power."

"This was a great seminar.  I loved the practical application of God's Word and Biblical principles for everyday living.  Keep up the great work.  I enjoyed the worship ministry of your wife and kids as well."

"WHEW!  What a word this morning.  RIGHT ON TIME.  Thank you Pastor for bringing in such an anointed evangelist!!!  Let's bring him back for a series of meetings soon.  It was awesome."

"God used you in a powerful way at our place." --a pastor

"Our church folks were inspired by the entire Groves family." --a pastor

"This conference was awesome!  We saw souls get saved, people filled with the Holy Ghost, some slain out in the Spirit and many set free from bondages.  It is great to see the Body of Christ working together."

"Thank you for coming and helping to stir up a fire in our church.  You've stirred me up for sure."

"We are so glad you took the time to share what God had laid on your heart.  We saw about a 100 people give their lives to Jesus today.  It was an awesome day and so glad your ministry was a part of it."

"The Lord surely used you today.  That word was right from the throne room of God.  It spoke to me and I know I will never be the same.  May God keep you traveling for Him."

"I am amazed at how every time you come to our church you have a word from the Lord that I need to hear.  Thank God for a ministering family such as yours."

"Thank you dear people for your ministry to us Sunday evening!! It was so powerful!! We appreciate the ministry of Worship that Bethany lead and your precious children singing and doing sign language! You are such an awesome family, such sweet spirits, great attitudes and servants' hearts! Your message was powerful and the ending statement "If I don't stand firm in Faith, I will sink in fear" has been very pertinent in situations we've faced this week!! Thank you Tim and Bethany for your beautiful, powerful, anointed Ministry - your lives, your family are reflections of Jesus, His love, kindness, peace, joy, gentleness, faith, longsuffering, goodness and self control!!  Blessings, Blessings, Blessings to all of you and your ministry!! You're in our Prayers and will continue to lift you up!!" ---a pastor's wife

"Thank you so much for you and your family visiting our church. As ALWAYS your delivery of GODS' word was breathtaking. I truly enjoy listening to you preach and your daughter and wife sing. Thank you and may GOD bless you all until the NEXT time we gather."

"The Word that Rev. Tim brought forth to our church was a right now word for us.  The whole family ministered to us through singing, sign language and the preaching.  As a pastor I know my people were touched.  Words of knowledge had also come forth and they were right on and I can report that people were healed, both physically and emotionally.  May God continue to bless this family ministry."

"We attended a service where you all were ministering and we can say that God has given you a special gift, a revelation, a truth and the ability to rightly divide the Word of God.  You have been blessed with an ability to communicate and an anointing from the Holy Spirit.  We do not say this as flattery but we appreciate your surrendered life.  We will be praying for you and your family for God to continue to open doors and grant you peace and safety wherever you go."

"I have been learning to sow financial seed from your teaching on the Four Types of Biblical Giving, and I have seen such a harvest.  So I decided to obey the Lord in the realms of first fruits.  I gave my very first Social Security check to the work of the Lord as a first fruit.  Then I found out my income tax refund was DOUBLE what it was from the previous year.  God is faithful.  Please accept the check in this letter as more seed into this ministry.  You just can't out give the Lord."

"You laid hands on me and prayed for the pain in my shoulders to go in Jesus name.  The pain left immediately and I am now pain free. Praise God!"

"The presence of God that I felt during the preaching of your message was stronger than my water baptism experience or even being filled with the Spirit and speaking in other tongues.  The power of God was so strong!"

"I will never forget this message.  One of the best I have heard in a long time."
"You have such a marvelous family!  The way the Lord uses all of you to minister is amazing.  May God keep His hand upon you all."
"Thank you for being lead by the Spirit.  The spontaneous altar call you gave prior to the Word was right on and many were touched and set free.  I appreciate ministries who are directed by the Holy Ghost and this ministry God has given to you is one of them."  ---a pastor
"I listened to your Spiritual Warfare teaching online through our church's website and was so blessed by it.  It was life changing and I am sending this check to your ministry to help you continue to do what the Lord has clearly called you to do."
"Every time you come to our church you always preach just what I need to hear.  Thank you for being obedient to the Lord."
"I wished we could have you all come once a month!"
"You have a beautiful family and it is so wonderful to see everyone in ministry together."
"The word you gave me from the Lord was right on!  It was from God's mouth to my ears.  Thank you for being obedient."
"The last time you preached at our church I asked you to pray for my hair.  It keep falling out and is so thin.  I wanted to let you know that since you have prayed I haven't lost any hair and it is getting thicker.  I know this may seem like such a small thing, but as a woman it was very important to me.  I thank God for His touch."
"Timothy Groves is an awesome preacher!"
"Thank you for preaching yesterday. You said exactly what I needed to hear and gave me hope about this upcoming year....the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong within me and I haven't felt that in such a long time."
"I am leaving this service challenged and changed.  I am so glad I came because this message will be with me for a long time!"
"You have  such a wonderful family and how they minister along with mom and dad is so touching and powerful."
"I must tell you that the message you preached is so needed in the church today.  Thank you for sharing it in such a fun way, yet so full of truth.  May God keep on blessing this ministry."
"When you and your family came to our church, it was like a wave of God's presence flowed through the church.  We so much needed to hear what the Lord spoke through you.  It was incredible and the way your whole family ministers is just so precious.  We pray you will come back soon."
"I asked you to pray for me during an altar call.  You laid hands on me and spoke God's healing word over me.  I got the report back from the doctor and I am CANCER FREE!  Praise the Lord!"
"Tim and Bethany are people of faith and they live by faith and trust God for their every need.  We count it a great privilege to have them minister in our church." ---a pastor
"The message you shared really spoke to me and has encouraged me to follow the dream God has placed in my heart."
"I always enjoy when you and your family to minister at my church.  I get such encouragement from the way you present the Word.  Thank you for coming and thank you for being obedient."
"Every person in this church who wants this message on CD, I will buy it for them because they need to keep this word in their hearts."
"Your message was speaking right to me!  You are such a wonderful preacher.  Please come back soon."
"I took more notes today than I think I have so far in my college class this semester.  Such good stuff from the word of God."
"Every time you and your family come to minister we are always so blessed.  Every message you have preached has been just what we needed.  Keep on allowing the Lord to flow through you."
"Brother Tim and Bethany: Last Sunday at the altar you spoke that God was healing a heart condition. Right as you were speaking, a young couple to your far right at the altar had a mother who was in the hospital slated for heart surgery the next morning with an 80% heart blockage. The husband (and son to this mother in the hospital) knew when you spoke this word of knowledge that his mother was being healed. The next day he called the hospital. The doctors could not do a by-pass because the pre-surgery test showed NO blockage AT ALL. She was completely healed. She is a hardened non-believer, but we are praying that she sees this healing as Jesus' calling card & invitation to salvation. Thanks again. The church is still buzzing after you left. Tell the kids the church was so blessed by their ministry as well."
"What a powerful word today.  You shared things I never thought of before or saw it that way before.  Truly anointed!"
"I so enjoyed your children singing and doing the sign language as well.  You have a beautiful family.  May the Lord keep on blessing the work you do for Him."
"I am so pleased to know Rev. Tim Groves and his wonderful family.  To see the children participate in ministry as well warms my heart.  I pray they continue to be used of the Lord as they go forth in His name."  ---a pastor
"Your family is so wonderful.  You can feel the anointing as you minister.  Thank you for being a family that ministers in song and the word.  We loved what you all had to say and it is a word the Body of Christ needs to hear."
"The message you preached today was exactly what I needed to hear.  I am so glad I came today."  ---a first time visitor
"Awesome word today.  My hubby and I thank you so much for being faithful and bringing it forth!!  What a blessing to the whole congregation.  Your wife and children did a wonderful job.  Loved watching the kids ministering as well.  Be blessed!!"
"Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  This is just what I needed!  Thank you God for Time 2 Move Ministries!"
"This will be a message I will remember for a LONG time.  Thank you for bringing such a word that is life changing!"
"The message you preached was right on target, in fact it was a bull's eye!"  ---a pastor
"You spoke a word from God over me and you did not know anything about me for we just met.  But it was right on and it confirmed to me that God is for me and He is helping me to be all He has called me to be.  Thank you for being obedient to the voice of God."
"The last time you came to our church, you prayed with me for my daughter who was unsaved and on drugs.  You joined with me in faith and called her into the Kingdom of God.  Today, now that you are here again to minister to us, I need to tell you my daughter is saved, set free from drugs, just got married and is coming to church with me every week.  God is so good."
"I usually get my batteries recharged when I go to Camp Meeting every year, but my batteries have been fully charged with these services today.  I guess at Camp Meeting I'll just have to run around the place."  ---a pastor
"I must tell you that the message you preached was so anointed.  Our family has been seeking to hear the Word of God preached like you preached it.  We will be praying for you.  Thanks again for bringing us the word of God and not coming to simply entertain."
"Thank you for coming and giving to us what God had given to you.  It has helped me so much.  I am experiencing freedom in some areas where I was bound up before."
"I have heard a lot of messages and sermons in my day, but none as powerful as this one.  Thank you so much for giving us this teaching and revelation."
"You have an open door to minister in our church anytime you are in the area."   ---a pastor
"I gave my life to Jesus today after hearing you preach the Bible!"
"You're teaching on living in the kingdom was so needed in my life.  It has helped me see God's intent for me as a believer.  I am ready to now live in His kingdom and fulfill the kingdom mission God has for me."
"I decided to practice the principle of sowing when you spoke about it briefly at our church.  I sowed $5 towards your ministry.  I later on found out that my tax refund was going to be double what it was the previous year.  I also discovered I had a 401K that was not being fed into so I inquired about having it closed.  I was told it would be a certain amount, but when it came it was also doubled.  So I am enclosing another check to your ministry as seed and just want to thank you for this balanced teaching."
"You have been giving to us just what our church needed to hear.  Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit."   ---a pastor
"What a powerful teaching.  This conference was awesome.  Every church needs to hear this information."
"God healed me today.  I felt fire shoot through my back and all pain is gone!  I'm healed!!!!"
"We will definitely have you back!" ---a pastor
"I have not take notes on a sermon for years.  But today I did.  You had me laughing, yet you gave me vitally important information that I need to live effectively for the Lord."
"This is just what our church needed.  You hit the nail on the head.  It could only have been the Holy Ghost to tell you exactly what we needed to hear.  Thank you for being obedient."
"I just needed to tell you that the message you shared with us was not just practical, but it had such depth to it and is so vitally important to where we are living as believers today.  Thank you so very much for sharing with us what God gave to you, for we needed it more than you realize."
"What you shared tonight has answered some questions I have had for some time now.  This word has personally blessed me and I am thankful to God."
"You laid hands on me and prayed for my neck and the pain is gone!"
"You have an open door to minister at our church anytime.  We were so encouraged by the Word you shared." ---a pastor
"Your message is a confirmation of the direction God has been leading me to take.  Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit's voice."
"As a pastor's wife, I did not realize how I was opening myself up to the influence of the enemy by my words and actions.  The teaching you presented was such an eye-opener.  Thank you for being bold enough to proclaim the truth even when it is not always popular."
"This teaching so helped me.  I was dealing with some issues and the message you taught gave me wisdom and insight to see where I was lacking and how to correct it.  Thank you so much for this teaching."
"This message was just what our church needed.  Very timely." --- a pastor
"My husband has recently become paralyzed from the waist down.  He started coming to church with me a month or so ago.  When Time 2 Move Ministries preached Sunday morning and gave the altar call, he responded.  He wheeled himself down to the altars and gave his heart to Jesus."
"Awesome services yesterday with Tim Groves. The Spirit of God moved in power and many lives were touched and changed. People came to Christ, were baptized in the Holy Spirit, healed and set free from life-long strongholds." ----a pastor
"My husband was coming to church with me, but was not saved.  At the altar call today he responded and came forward and asked Jesus into his life.  I am so glad that my husband made this new commitment to the Lord.  He came back that night for the evening service and joined me at the altars as we prayed for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God.  And when Brother Tim laid his hands on us, I felt something shoot through my body that nearly knocked me over.  We will be praying for you and this ministry.  Thank you for coming to our church."
"Thanks Tim for being with us. Your message was excellent and it has stayed with me and many in our church. One of the young men in the back row told me that he, the other young man and the older gentleman discused the message several times this week. God's Word is fruitful."
"You prayed with me at the altars and there is no way you could have known the specific things your praying about.  God really spoke to me cause He used you to let me know that He really does know where I am and He is watching over me.  Thank you for being obedient to the Lord."
"We are so thankful you all came to our church.  What a powerful teaching and such a message that needs to be heard by all within the Body of Christ.  We will be praying for you."
"Your daughter Mackenzie was praying with people at the altars and when she laid her hands on me, I felt an energy flow through me and I began to speak in other tongues.  I have never done that before."
"The Holy Spirit was so strong we just didn't want to close the service."
"Your ministry is such a blessing.  I am so glad to came to be with us today.  the word was so powerful and your wife and daughter sing so wonderfully.  Please make sure you come back to our church again."
"I will NEVER forget that message!"
"You began to give me a word from the Lord and there's no way you could have known the things you were saying except by the Lord.  It was like you were reading my mind.  God used you to minister to me and I wanted to tell you how very thankful I am for your ministry."
"Oh my word!  What a powerful message!  You're wife has an awesome voice and plays with the anointing of the Holy Ghost.  So glad I came to the service."
"I don't know if you know it or not, but you were sent here on divine appointment!"
"Thank you for being obedient to giving me that Word from the Lord.  It was right on and I so much needed to hear it."
"I will NEVER forget this message!  What truth and what simplicity and yet so profound.  Keep up the good for Jesus!!!!"
"Thank you!  What an eye opener service!  I'm expecting now for greater things to happen in my life.  Thanks for the great message!  Will take that and use it."
"Great service tonight!!  Always enjoy hearing you each year, you are such a blessing!!!  God Bless."
"I didn't realize we were going to have camp meeting all over again!" --- a pastor
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming today!"
"I was lost in the worship time.  God used me to give a message in tongues.  He also gave me a word for another lady.  I am so pleased to be used in the gifts of the Spirit." ----a 13 year old girl
"These meetings have been anointed, powerful and so full of the life of God.  I was blessed as I watch people being free in the Holy Ghost.  I saw things that I haven't seen in Pentecost for years.  Praise God that the fire is still burning.  Thank you for being obedient and bringing forth the Word of God to our hearts."
"So glad I decided to change my plans and come back to church for the evening service or I would have missed a blessings.  Thank you Jesus for showing up!"
"I have been seeking for the baptism in the Holy Ghost for over twenty years.  Tonight I got filled and spoke in other tongues."
"I must tell you that the Lord touched me in this service.  I actually had to step out for a moment to get myself composed.  Surely the Lord was in this place."
"You have a beautiful family that is so talented.  We will be praying for all of you as you travel and do the work of the Lord."
"Every church member needed to hear this message!  God has given you a Word for the Body of Chist!"
"I received the baptism in the Spirit at the altar tonight!"
"God has given you a powerful ministry.  I will pray for you to keep doing the work He leads you to do."
"I was able to enjoy the service on-line and was so ministered too.  Thank you for preaching what God gave you.  I truly needed to hear it."
"I was amazed at how the Lord was using you as you prayed for people.  You were operating in the gifts of the Spirit and people were being physically touched.  This was so needed."
"It was a joy to have you and your family with us for the weekend.  The things you taught were so wonderful.  I had to get the CD's in order to get all that you shared because it was so much good teaching.  Thank you so much for coming to our church."
"I am still feeling His presence!  What a powerful service and powerful message.  Keep up the good work for the Lord.  We are praying for you."
"I never really understood the power of our words until I heard you speak on this subject.  What insight from the Word of God.  Thank you so much for coming."
"That was a powerful word from God.  May the Lord keep blessing your ministry."
"I don't think there are words to truly communicate how much I have appreciated your ministry.  Such revelation and insight!  May God keep on filling your schedule and get you in every church!"
"Just want to tell you how much we enjoyed your family and ministry here on Wednesday Night. God truly moved mountains! The people were very open to the genuineness of your heart. On a personal note: as a pastor, I need ministry to MY soul so that I can minister. Your message was a revelation on the nature of faith in God. So I am still speaking to some mountains. God told me to!! (Mark 11:23)"
"I have been in church since I was four years old and what you shared with us I have never heard such a thing from that perspective.  But it connected a lot of dots for me to be able to now live victorious.  What you shared was such a revelation to my spirit.  Thank you so much for coming and allowing the Lord to speak through you.  I hope you come back soon."
"I haven't experienced a service like that in a long time.  God is not dead!!!  Thank you for allowing the Spirit of God to move freely."
"Thanks for the visit to Saint John, Canada. Great information. Haven't heard this kind of a message for a while. Great enpowerment!"
"It was very nice to see you again.  I like how you teach.  You make it so easy even a child could understand.  I've learned a lot these last couple of days.  I'm going to step out in faith and start proclaiming the victory that was all ready paid for me at Calvary.  GOD bless you and your wonderful family.  And thanks for the tips on healthy eating.  God is so good."
"WOW!  Eye-opening!"
"This teaching was awesome."
"Your message truly touched me.  It helped me realize some things.  Thank you for being obedient." ---a pastor
"What a powerful presentation of the Word of God.  It was rich!  God truly has anointed you to bring forth a word of hope to the church of today."
"You gave a word of knowledge about a person with pain in the left leg being healed and to receive it.  No one but God and me knew about the pain I was experiencing in my left leg.  When you gave that word of knowledge, all the pain left my leg and it is healed."
"You shared things today that I never thought of and I have been a Christian for a long time.  What truth!  What illumination!  Thank God for the power of His word that we can still receive truth from it even after being saved for decades."
"I have heard a few messages on the topic you spoke on, but never like the way you brought it forth.  It was eye opening and very helpful to me.  I am putting this into practice in my life and having someone help me to be accountable as well.  We will be praying for your ministry.  God bless you."
"Loved listening to your sermon on CD.  Thanks for opening my eyes!"
"Wow, what a passion I sensed in you as you preached the Word.  May God continue to bless you and this ministry."
"The messages you shared were right on.  We brought some teens that really needed to hear what you had to say.  Thank you for being led by the Spirit of God and sharing what He gave you.  It was timely."
"You gave the altar call and God did a work in me and my son.  There has been some issues between us, but during the altar call you said to show some love to the person near you and I hugged my son and he hugged me and for ten minutes in that embrace God did a great work that words can't even describe.  I give God the praise for the work of the Holy Spirit."
"When I get to dancing I end up with pain in my knees.  I have been dancing at these services all week and no pain whatsoever.  Thank God for His power!"
"When I went through the healing tunnel and had hands laid upon my, my shoulder was instantly healed.  I have been having great difficulty with it for weeks, not able to reach upright with it, but now, I have full mobility in it.  Praise God I am healed!"
"My personal testimony from this camp meeting: God is doing a great thing in me and I am so thankful that you came and ministered in such a profound way. I am now practicing a lot of of what you have taught us and I am feeling much better in my body and soul.  GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY! "
"Our just concluded 'Moving Your Mountains' Camp Meeting was just awesome. There was no semantics just the 'pure' Word of God. Thank you Rev. Timothy for presenting a word that you obviously live daily. We are spurred on now not to focus on the facts but on the truth, which is God's word. We are praying for you and your family and we would love to have you and your family with us soon. I stood in proxy for someone who was ill and not at the service and I must report that the person has been healed. There was several healing testimonies in church last Sunday resulting from your ministry. May God continue to grant you favour as you give Him your best."
"Pastor Tim, we were very blessed to have you. The Word was profound and will definitely have a lasting impact. The meetings were transformational and many are testifying to this. We are ready to have you and the entire family at any time. We'll have to work on that. It is our prayer that the Lord will enlarge your ministry and extend your borders. You have a relevant word. Many, many blessings my brother." ---a pastor
"Loved the Word today.  God is so awesome."
"Awesome, awesome God......awesome, awesome Word tonight......awesome, awesome worship........I'm at a loss for additional words."
"Praise the Lord!  How wonderful the presence of the Lord is.  The Word was powerful.  The worship was inspiring and the presence of God was powerful in our midst.  These meetings have left a sweet taste in my mouth." ---a pastor
"I felt heaven open.  What an awesome night.  The power of God came down on me.  It is wonderful to have Christ Jesus in my life."
"What power!  What a word from heaven!  The anointing of God is all over you!  Carry it in humility as you have been doing and God is going to take you farther than you realize." ---a pastor
"I must tell you that what you spoke at Camp Meeting literally changed my life.  I am so blessed."
"Thank you.  We enjoyed every word spoken.  God bless you and your wonderful family."
"It was awesome and sound words."
"I was richly blessed by your messages.  Thank-you."
"You had a word of knowledge about someone's left foot experiencing pain on and off.  That God was healing that foot and to receive it.  That was for me.  I broke my left foot a while ago and I keep having reoccuring pain.  I recieved that word from the Lord and all pain is gone.  I am healed in Jesus name."
"There are not enough adjectives to say how much your message impacted us.  God truly sent you here to us and for that we are so very grateful.  God bless you over and over."
"The teaching you gave to us was so wonderful.  I am not sure if I have ever heard such a teaching.  You explained things in such a way that I could understand and receive it.  Thank-you."
"You made me understand how to receive the healing God has provided for me.  I can now take this knowledge and walk in what Jesus died to give me!  I am so excited that He has revealed these things to me through your ministry."
"I don't normally attend church, but I came with a friend tonight and I am so glad I did.  That word was powerful.  Thank you for bringing it forth."
"This message has convicted me and I must repent and lead my congregation in repentance as well." ---a pastor
"I have suffered with asthma for a while now.  You prayed for me and now I can take deep breaths without coughing which I could not do before.  God has touched me!"
"I received many insights from your messages on both faith and healing yesterday. They will be put to use!  May God bless you and your family, and may God continue to bless your ministry!"
"We all had a great time. God never ceases to amaze me by how His message is confirmed. It just goes to show that He is doing a united work in His church when an Evangelist can come in and preach virtually the same message the Pastor has been preaching/teaching on even though neither of you had knowledge of the word either of you was preaching, but God did!"   ---a pastor's wife
"I can't really express how much I needed to hear that message.  Thank you for coming to our church."
"Thank you for being obedient to bringing forth the word of God. Today was the first day in seven and a half months that I got up with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. Thank you for praying. God bless you and your beautiful family".
"When can you come back?  I mean really, we need to book you right away.  I wished we could have had you longer than just a morning service.  God is with you all and we will be praying for you as you continue to follow His leading."
"I had to step out to take care of a child so I missed a good part of your message, but when I came back in the sanctuary I felt the presence of God so strong as you were ministering at the altars.  I haven't felt such a strong presence in such a long time."
"WOW!  I'm not sure what else I can say.  How you presented the word of God was amazing.  Thank you for being obedient."
"I have been made aware of 'careless words' like never before.  Thank you so much for sharing this word."   ----a pastor's wife
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this message!"
"We were truly encouraged through the ministry of Evangelist Timothy Groves and family. God Bless This Family."  ---a pastor
"Hello Rev. Groves, I heard you recently speak and it was awesome!!  My friend also shared with me your cd's on Spritual Warfare and they were awsome and are so timely with the church I am attending.  Your messages are very timely. Many blessings to you and your family."
"I am still shaking from the presence of the Lord that was so strong.  The Word of God hit me like a bolt of electricty.  Please come back as soon as you can."
"It was great having you!  Powerful Word!"   ---a pastor
"I want you to know that what you spoke about concerning seed and sowing and asking God for seed to sow really works.  On the way home from service my husband and I asked the Lord give seed to us in such an unique way that we would know that which we receive would be in direct answer to our prayer.  WELL IT HAPPENED.  We got a call today and it sure was unique."
"Oooooo Weeeee! Just now walked in the door. OH WHAT A NIGHT!  Rev. Groves gave an eye-opening, life changing, mountain moving message of faith that if applied will SEE many Christians walking in the fullness of life and life more abundant. During altar time Timothy spoke a word over my husband and I that we know that we know that we know was a message directly from the heart of God to ours. Thank You Lord.  Looking forward to when Time 2 Move Ministries returns."
"Oh I hope you come again and real soon.  Thank you for your ministry."
"Excellent!  Just wonderful."
"This teaching was so powerful.  It hit me over and over again and revealed areas where I have allowed the enemy access to my life.  Thank you for being brave enough to share this much needed word."
"Thank-you so much Pastor Tim.  You shed light on my problem that I've been struggling with for a long time.  You showed me a way to combat it with tools and a way I never realized I had!  Thank-you again.  I pray that God continues to use and bless you richly!"
"What a timely word!  This is a message every church needs to hear."
"I love the way you present God's Word.  It is so easy to understand and always hits right where I need it.  I pray God keep blessing your ministry."
"You don't know how much I appreciated your message.  It has helped me so much.  Thank-you."
"Thank you so much.  I received so much from the Lord through your minstry.  I know my prayer life will be dramatically different.  I've written some things down in my Bible and I will be putting it into practice."
"That was like the best service I've been at in a long time!" ---a teenager
"It was a divine appointment that you came to our church.  I was praying your ministry could come when I heard you speak at another church.  God answered that prayer and what you spoke was just what I needed.  Thank you for being faithful to the Lord."
"Thank God for this ministry!  Few people are willing to come to small churches anymore and preach the gospel.  We pray abundant blessings on Rev. Tim and his family as they stay faithful to the Lord."
"I was touched by the Holy Ghost!  When I got up from being slain out, I know God touched me.  I can sense there was a breaking of a bondage in my life.  Thank you for praying with me." 
"It was so awesome today to see seven people make decisions for Christ.  I am grateful that Time 2 Ministries came and was obedient to the Lord."
"Thank you so much for coming and sharing the Word.  It was such a revelation to my spirit."
"I feel that the church has had a breakthrough today."  ---a pastor
"I don't want this service to end!"
"I attended your service today in Maine.  It was very inspirational and a wonderful message. You have a beautiful and talented family. Thank you for all the good work you are doing. I will keep you in my prayers."
"God touched my lungs.  I can breath normally again.  I haven't been able to do that in years.  PRAISE GOD for His healing touch!"
"We will definitely have you and your family back again.  That was a timely word for our church." ---a pastor
"I wear a life-alert because I have fallen a few times and I can not get up without assistance.  Tonight when you prayed for me and I went down in the Spirit, I was able to get up off the floor all by myself without assistance.  That was God!  I know I have been touched.  Thank you for coming and sharing the word."
"Hi Brother Groves.  I just wanted to say thanks for praying for me Sunday night.  God has touched me in a big time way.  My sugars would normally be in the 20's whether I ate or not, but this morning I tested myself and my sugars are normal.  They are 7.7 today.  God is so amazing.  Thanks for the good preaching.  Can't wait to hear you again.  Your family is a real blessing."
"I could not wait to get back to the next service to hear Brother Groves.  No joke, I was pacing the floor saying, 'I wish it was church time'.  Thank you God for using our brother to touch lives."
"God was in the house!  You could feel the power of God just pulsating through the place."
"Man I was not expecting that!  I guess you don't judge a book by its cover and I shouldn't judge a preacher by his appearance.  I didn't think that kind of power was in you!  Praise God for letting it come forth."
"Oh you could feel the presence of the Lord so strong!  The Holy Spirit was present to heal and to minister.  Thank you Lord for being faithful!"
"Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and bringing forth this Word.  This is what my people needed to hear."  --- a pastor
"What a great word from God.  Thank you for sharing it with us."
"As a church we have been sowing into this ministry every month.  God has honored the sowing of our seed with a great harvest.  We have seen the tithe increase 100 fold from what amount we send to Time 2 Move Ministries on a monthly basis.  We thank God for His provision.  Also my wife and I have seen an increase in our finances as well.  Praise God!"   --- a pastor
"That word was for me!  I can honestly say I learned some things today from the Word of God.  Thank you for preaching the Word.  We will have you back for sure." --- a pastor
"I could not raise my arm above my head without severe pain in my shoulder.  I was to have shoulder surgery.  But after you prayed for me, you asked me to lift my arm as much as I could.  I was able to lift it all the way up above my head.  No more pain!  Praise God!!!"
"Wow, what meat from the Word of God!  This Spiritual Warfare teaching is life changing.  I stopped taking notes and just soaked it in and then bought the teachings on CD.  I will be gleaning from this teaching for a long time."
"We heard you share a testimony of how you personally was in a tight place financially and how God taught you to sow your way out of your lack.  You said you asked God for seed, to send you some finances from an unexpected source and then when you received the seed, you sowed it.  Well we prayed a prayed just like that Sunday night, asking God to send us some unexpected finances that we could sow into God's kingdom.  The next day when we opened the mail we had an unexpected check in the mail.  So we sowed it and we know God is going to honor His word of seed time and harvest so we can be debt free and able to keep supporting the work of the Kingdom.  Thanks for sharing that testimony."
"Thank you for coming to our church.  Something broke in the spirit realm when you were with us.  Our people are different and we can sense a change in the spiritual atmosphere.  May God continue to bless you as you labor for Him." --- a pastor
"What revelation!!!  What a word from God!!!  May God keep using you for His glory.  We're definitely praying for this ministry."
"You had a word of knowledge about an issue I was facing.  I came to the altar to receive of the Lord and He touched me and gave me liberty.  Thank you for allowing the Spirit to move through you."
"We are so glad you came and shared the Word with us today.  We really hope you get a chance to come back in the near future.  God's blessings on you and your family."
"God has certainly blessed you with an ability to share the Word.  Keep using your gift for Jesus.  Let His light shine through you!"
"Thank you for sharing that message.  I needed to hear it!"
"We are so glad you came to our church.  What a wonderful word from God.  You have a great way of presenting God's Word so all can understand it.  God bless you and your beautiful family."
"When you prayed for me at the altar, you said things you could have not known about me or what I have been through.  I knew it was God speaking through you and it encouraged me cause I know now how much God loves me.  Thank you for listening to God's voice and sharing it with me."
"I purchased some CD's from this ministry and I listen to them just about every day.  I thank God for Timothy Groves and the message God has given him for the Church.  Some days all I can do is just listen to those CD's and get encouragement from the message to go on another day.  God bless this ministry."
"I was at a recent Spiritual Warfare Conference. I believe God sent you.  The words that you shared, although very hard at first to swallow, was what I needed!  May your ministry continue to grow and may you always be in the will of God!  Thank you again!!  God bless you and your family."
"I went to the altars and you prayed for me to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and I received.  Praise God for His gift!"
"When you spoke a word from the Lord, I knew it was for me.  When you prayed for me at the altar, you spoke things that you could have not known at all, but you said things, even exact wording, and I knew it was God speaking to me through you.  You identified a spirit that has had me bound for years and I felt that oppression break off of me at the altars.  I am free!!!  I will never be in bondage to that thing ever again.  Thank you for coming to our church.  God bless you everywhere you go."
"I've had bronchitis for seven weeks and have had shallow breathing and not able to take deep breaths.  You prayed for me and commanded the lungs to open and suddenly I was able to breathe deeply, over and over.  God healed me!!!!"
"Thank you for coming and sharing this teaching.  I mean it, really, THANK-YOU!"
"I was waiting to be prayed for and my back was in such pain.  When you laid hands on me and prayed, all the pain left.  I bent over and twisted all around and there was NO PAIN!  Praise God!!!"
"You preached on asking God for what you have need of (that's His will) and then stop asking and start thanking Him for doing it. Well on Monday I started doing that. My son just moved back here from Virginia and lives with me and has been looking for a job. So I ask the Lord to open up a job for him. Then I started thanking God for the job He was going to open up for him. Wednesday night he got a call to go see a guy about working for him mowing lawns. The guy hired him and he started work Thursday morning. You also had those that had mountians they needed moved to come down around the altar, so I went down. I told you my husband and I had just got a divorce after 36 years of marriage and I had fear of being alone and making it on my own. You prayed for me to have peace and I have had a peace ever since.  I also asked for prayer concerning finances. I had a light bill that was do and had no money to pay for it and my lights were going to be shut off Monday morning. Well they didn't get shut off Monday or Tuesday so I called them to see what I could do about the payment and they told me to come in and fill out a paper since the bill was not in my name and that person no longer lived here.  So they opened an account in my name and they told me that I didn't have to pay that bill, but it will be sent to the person who owes it.  I started over fresh owing nothing and my lights did not get disconnected. I thank the Lord for hearing and answering prayers. I am so blessed."
"I learned alot today that I will treasure for my lifetime."
"The words you gave from the Lord today to myself as well as other people in the church were right on.  God used you to read our mail.  There is no way you could have known those things except by revelation of the Spirit of God." ---a pastor
"I had a stroke and I also needed a hip replacement.  I have been in a wheelchair cause I just could not walk around on my own or support my wieght because of the bad hip and the results of the stroke.  You came and prayed for me and I felt God touch me.  I stood up from my wheelchair and I began to thank God for His touch.  I kept thanking God as you held my hand and was thanking God with me.  The Holy Ghost came on me and I began to stomp my feet and jump up and down and God touched me and did a surgery Himself.  I am healed and out of the wheelchair!  PRAISE GOD!!!!"
"I am so glad you came here today.  This is just what we needed.  Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit."
"I heard you preach in a nearby town and you prayed for me for my diabetes.  I was on 5 insulin shots a day.  You prayed for me and told me to keep speaking God's healing word over my body.  I have been doing that and I want to tell you I am down to a 1/2 shot a day and continuing to speak to my body until the full manifestation comes.  Thank you for sharing God's Word with me and believing God with me."
"I really appreciated your teachings.  I will always remember your messages."
"Thank you for coming to our church.  I really enjoyed the messages you preached.  God really spoke to me through the messages."
"POWERFUL!!!  God was here today!!!"
"Time to move, I wasn't expecting to get moved like that!  When you prayed for me, I felt like I plugged my finger into a light socket.  I felt a warmth and heat flow through my body and I fell to the ground.  I've never experienced anything like that before."
"I was very touched by your message.  All that you spoke of felt so personal to me.  I know God has His ways and often the message is one many can identify with but the fact that you felt that God wanted me to know (from a word of knowledge) that He has been with me through my trials and that my purpose is to help others, this resinated in me in a good way.  I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and a witness to domestic violence as a child.  I have been dedicating my career of 30 years to working with victims.  Recently I was laid off from an agency.  Your message told me that God has His reasons for all and He needs me elsewhere to continue the work I've done.  It was a blessings to hear your message.  Thank you.  God bless you and your family and the work you do."
"I heard you give a brief teaching on sowing and reaping and how we should ask God for seed so that we might sow into the Kingdom of God.  I asked God for seed.  I received my seed and felt God wanted me to sow into your ministry.  Thank you for your ministry of the Word.  It seems like every day I'm on guard when words come out of my mouth.  God bless you."
"Why didn't I have you come sooner!" ----a pastor
"Our friend was at a service you ministered at and you spoke on divine healing.  She was slain in the spirit when you laid hands on her.  God touched her that night.  She was delivered from cigerettes that night and has been able to come off all her medications for emotional and mental issues.  We thank God for His goodness to her."
"Thank you for an awesome message.  The teaching on giving and on what God wants from us has given me a different outlook on how I need to look at my financial situation.  I know that I haven't been tithing the way I should and always thought I had control of circumstances.  Money has always been tight and I currently have been afraid of losing everything.  I have finally had to give up on this way of thinking and give the control back to Him.  If it is His will then I have nothing to lose but everything to gain.  You have a tremendous ministry and I pray that God will continue to bless you all.  God bless and thanks again."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to our church.  What a word from God.  I was so challenged and convicted.  I needed it more than I think I realize.  May God bless you and your family as you travel."
"You gave a word of knowledge and I responded to it.  Thank you for praying for me.  I really needed this special touch today."
"What a clear presentation of God's Word.  I have heard things like this before but you made it make sense and presented it in such a way that I could understand it.  Thank you so much for coming."
"We are definitely having you come back next year.  Please save a date for us as we have been so blessed by this teaching and ministry." ---a pastor
"This was not your normal Easter message, but was it ever powerful and refreshing.  The truth of what you shared will change us if we can only learn to apply it on a daily basis.  Thank you so much for bringing forth this Word from God."
"This Spiritual Warfare conference was so packed full of meat.  I just have to get the CD's so I can listen to it over and over and gleen as much as I can.  Thank you for obeying God and teaching this vital truth that we really don't hear too often."
"I am so glad your family came.  Your wife has a beautiful voice.  You have a beautiful family.  May God keep blessing you and leading you in this ministry."
"I've heard messages on healing before, but this persepctive was tremendous.  It was so easy to understand and all based on the Word of God!"
"What truth!  This message was full of the truth of God's Word.  Thank you for sharing it with such passion."
"Your message today on healing was so easy to understand and presented with such power.  I always felt that healing was something attained by the super spiritual, but your message gave me the knowledge that healing is for me too."
"This is just what I needed to hear.  A timely word that spoke directly to my heart."
"You spoke about moving mountains and then you prayed with me at the altar call.  I was to have some medical tests done and needed a good report, but in the natural it did not look like it was going to happen.  But we joined our faith together and we spoke to that mountian to go in Jesus name.  I wanted to let you know the doctors told me how surprised he was when he got the test results back and all is well.  Praise God for the power of faith in action.  Thanks for this teaching!"
"Right on!!!  This is the kind of information EVERY church in North America needs to hear.  May God open the doors for you to take it to as many as possible." 
"You share the Word of God in such a way that it's not just information on what we need to change, but steps in how to make the change and live it out.  Thank you for doing that.  It's not like we're being' preached to', but rather we're being encouraged and helped."
"A timely word for the Body of Christ. Can't wait to hear what God gives you for our church next year. I agree with you for God's continual door openings!"
"You have a beautiful family.  What a precious treasure this ministry is to the Body of Christ.  Please come back again.  It was such a joy having you with us."
"The word of knowledge that you had was for me.  I am so glad God used you to encourage me.  Blessings on this ministry."
"I so much appreciated how you preached the WORD!  Others that come and speak share stories and such, but I loved the powerful Word you shared." ---a pastor
"All I can say is POWERFUL!"  --a pastor
"OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!  Arrived home a few hours back after coming away from a most fantastic meeting with evangelist Timothy Groves. If anyone is thinking about inviting this ministry to be a blessing to their church...STOP THINKING and get in touch with him.  We were soooooo very blessed with the teachings we received from this up front, tell it like it is, ministry.  Delivered in love, under the anointing of the Spirit, a message that will without question challenge the listener to be all God wants them to be.  At the close of each meeting, from the time we leave church till we pull up in our laneway our conversation is all about how we were stirred and enlightened.  Truly inspiring.  Truly a message that transforms, speaking Truths into the hearts of all whom have ears to hear, that if applied can make a huge difference in us first and then in the lives of those whom we touch. WeI are so very thankful for blessing our lives with the ministry of Time 2 Move Ministries. These last few days have been amazing."
"Someone came to me after the Spiritual Warfare Conference was over and said they didn't realize that they had a religious spirit and they were delivered during the prayer time, they actually felt it leave. Praise the Lord!" ---a pastor
"I am so glad I decided to come to this Spiritual Warfare Conference.  It was life-changing and has opened my eyes to so many things.  This was a great investment into my spiritual growth."
"The conference was awesome!  Pastor Groves was an awesome speaker."
"The Spiritual Warfare Conference today with Evangelist Timothy Groves was AWESOME!!!  The church needs to hear the message.  LOTS of food for our soul. Great Conference!"
"I attend (church name withheld for privacy) and attended both the morning and the evening services that you and your wife were our guests. I had been struggling for about a month.  I felt no joy.  A good sister in Christ had told me that the spirit of depression was trying to attack me. I agreed, but could somehow not get out from underneath of it. You called for people to come forward for prayer if we were facing a mountain. That same friend came over to me and suggested that I go forward. I did not want to because I was not sure where to begin. All I told you was that I felt like I had a spirit of depression trying to attack me. The Lord used you to speak very cleary to me on what was happening. You mentioned the python spirit (from Acts), that it will allow me to do the "right things" but I would have no joy, and it was slowly taking the life out of me. So of course I researched this python spirit. It was exactly what I was feeling. I went through some steps of repentance, cutting of generational curse (my mother has always struggled with depression).  I started to speak truth. I felt a huge weight lift off me. I have since started studying scriptures on joy. I am going to make little encouragement cards with scriptures dealing with my triggers, so I can fight back with the Word the next time I am attacked. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing the Lord to use you to speak Truth into me. I am very thankful. I would also like to mention that the previous time you visited our church my husband was healed of his back pain and I was healed of my pain due to arthritis in my hips. My God continue to bless your ministry and your family."
"You are the first person I have ever come back to hear for a second time in one day.  I normally only attend church on Sunday mornings, but your message today was fanstatic.  I loved how you presented it.  I just had to come back to hear what you were going to say tonight."
"The last time you came here I received my healing for my back.  Since then I have been walking in my healing and have not had any trouble with my back or even pain in it.  Thank God for His awesome power.  And your messages this time were once again just what I needed."
"Your message was right on.  You could not have known what the people of this church have been facing and yet you hit the nail right on the head.  Thank you for being obedient to the leading of the Lord."
"It was such a joy having you all with us.  We really enjoyed the Word you brought forth.  God is certainly using you for His glory.  Please come back again."
"When you came in August of 2010, you spoke about the four types of biblical giving and specifically sowing seed.  My income had just been decreased by one-third because of a cut back in hours.  So I asked God to send me some seed that I could sow.  In October I received a check in the mail from a medical facility that had overcharged me.  They sent me a check from an error that took place over two years prior.  I sowed that money and believed God for my harvest.  A few months later I was to take the family on a vacation and had some money saved up for it.  But a bill I was expecting came in the mail but it was larger than I had put aside for.  I told my family we were going to have to cancel the vacation.  Just prior to canceling the vacation, a check came in the mail for my wife from a previous employer of ten years ago.  This was money owed to her but was never given to her until now.  It was a sum of money large enough to pay for the vacation, the unexpected increase in the one bill I received, enough to pay another unexpected bill that had come and enough to sow again.  Right after Christmas, we received a check from a friend who said God told him to give it to us.  It was a rather large sum and we used it to pay off some credit card bills and sow some more.  Thank you for sharing with us these great principles."
"I will start speaking to my mountain and stop talking to everyone else about my mountain.  Thank you for sharing this powerful message!"
"If you came for no one else, you came for me.  I needed this word!  It was an answer to my prayer."
"Your message was truly from God.  I know you were sent here from God to share this word. Thank-you so much."
"What a powerful teaching on Spiritual Warfare.  I never thought of this aspect of warfare before, but there it is, right in the Word of God!  Awesome.  Thank you for being obedient to God's calling."
"This Spiritual Warfare Conference has opened my eyes to things I have never seen before from the Word of God.  I really can't put into words what this conference has done for me.  I will do more to keep my eyes on me and not on what others are doing.  I need to guard my life from the spirit of Jezebel and antichrist."
"What you shared with our congregation was lead by the Spirit!  Thank you for walking in obedience to His voice." ---a pastor
"In less than 30 days of sowing into someone's ministry, I received a promotion at my job.  I now make twice what I made before.  Praise the Lord!  Sowing and reaping really does work cause it is God's Word."
"Thank you for sharing God's Word with our church.  It was what we needed to hear.  Your message was right on and so timely.  Blessings on you and your family."
"You preached on how we move mountains in our life according to Mark 11.  I was facing a mountian.  I did what you taught from Mark 11 and that mountain moved in a matter of a few days."
"What a powerful message!  Man this is just what I needed.  Such revelation presented in such power.  Thank you for being obedient."
"Wonderful message.  I truly hope you can come back very soon.  This is just what I needed!"
"Your message covered a topic I have been struggling with for a year now.  I know this was from God.  Thank you for your obedience."
"I don't know if I ever heard a teaching on divine healing like the one you gave, but it is solid, biblical teaching and life changing.  The Body of Christ needs to hear this message!"
"Thank you so much for coming to our church.  You gave us so much to think about and to chew on.  God's word is so rich and full of wisdom and treasure.  We hope you'll come back again and soon."
"We had two great services yesterday with Timothy Groves & Family. He opened a lot of peoples eyes to the power of the tongue and healing. Sure enjoyed talking with them between services too. Time to put some things into actions and start speaking positive things and speaking THE WORD!!"
"Thoroughly enjoyed your family yesterday. So needful to be reminded of the power of God's Word, as well as our words (either negative or positive). Unable to be there in the evening service but heard great reports (looking forward to hearing the disk). May God Bless your family and your Ministry!"
"When you were laying hands on people at the altars for their healing, I was standing there with such pain in my back I didn't think I could stand much longer waiting for you to pray for me.  But after you prayed and anointed me with oil, all the pain in my back left.  I can bend over and do things I couldn't do before.  I will stand firm in my healing and keep speaking God's Word!"
"My arm was hurting for weeks.  I was unable to move it like I should.  But Sunday morning when you were preaching God touched my arm and now it's healed and I can move it all around."
"I enjoy reading the inspirational page.  It has a lot of good truth and you put it so simple. Blessings."
"What a powerful word!  You have a lovely family and we so hope that you will come back again.  We'll be praying for you and your ministry.  Every church needs to hear this message."
"Thank you for coming to our church.  This message is just what I needed to hear.  It was a confirmation of what God has been dealing with me about.  I've got to get the CD of the message."
"How soon can you come back?  We really enjoyed what you had to say.  It's a word that the Body of Christ needs to hear."
"It was such a pleasure having you here at our church.  I so much enjoyed that Word.  It was just what I needed."
"Tim and Bethany Groves ministered at our church and our folks were VERY blessed by their ministry. Tim presented 2 quality messages which really challenged us. I'd highly recommend the Groves "Time 2 Move" ministries to anyone who wants a high quality, high impact ministry.  Thanks Tim and Bethany. Our people are asking when you're coming back." ---a pastor
"Thank you for coming to our church.  How soon can you come back?"
"Thank you for ministering to us through song and the Word. I do believe we were edified and encouraged by your ministry. You are a wonderful family."  ---a pastor
"Oh I am so glad I came to hear this message!  I am feeling so much better!  Praise the Lord!" 
"My knee was in a lot of pain.  After you prayed, the pain was greatly reduced."
"Wow!  Probably the best message I ever heard!"
"You came with just the right message.  What you shared is so needed today in the Church of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for being obedient to the Lord."
"Thank you for your message of walking in the reality of faith.  How vital is it for the church of God to take Him at His word and refuse to let his promises go.  You helped us see the need to think Biblically as we consider a lifestyle of Christ-like living.  Your ministry is deeply appreciated!"  ---a pastor
"I am getting the CD so my wife can hear this word.  POWERFUL!"
"Fabulous message!  It was so good.  I took notes and will be looking over them in the days to come."
"What an awesome message!  I really was touched by the service."
"You have such a wonderful family.  Your wife Bethany is so gifted and has such a beautiful voice.  She was so lead by the Spirit of God during her playing of the altar call.  It was Spirit-led and anointed."
"I so much enjoyed that word.  You have a gift and God is certainly using it for His glory.  I had to get the CD's so I could listen to that word over and over."
"What a timely word.  Just what we needed.  We have been energized to trust God and take Him at His Word!"
"I came into the service with severe pain in my legs and knees, but the pain is all gone now!"
"I just wanted to let you know how good God is. That seed faith gift (that we sowed a few weeks ago) has been bringing in much more than we hoped for. We are still waiting, but a lady through social security contacted my husband about our health care. We were paying $600.00 a month and now we are expecting to get it for $0.00 a month. You have to qualify and she said we definitely qualify. That is a great savings. Also, we were paying for our son's wedding, and it was a hardship but we made it work. When it came time to pay off the fees several bills were much lower than we expected. We see this as God's giving. Only He could make so many things turn about like this. I love it!!!  God is awesome!!!  Just had to give a testimony of what God can do.  God bless you all, along with your ministry!!!"
"For three weeks I had lost hearing in my left ear.  I tried drops and such but nothing helped.  Then a lump started forming behind that same ear.  Thoughts came to me that it could be cancer, but I would not speak those thoughts cause life and death are in the power of the tongue.  My wife knew about the hearing loss, but not about the lump, which seemed to get larger each day.  I did not tell others about this condition, but prayed for my ear and told it to line up with God's Word.  I spoke healing scriptures and I stood strong in my faith.  Then this past Thursday the miracle came.  The lump was gone and full hearing was restored to my ear.  PRAISE GOD!!!  It felt so good Sunday when I could hear out of both ears during worship.  Thank you so much for your teachings on healing.  Love you guys." 
"This ministry is such a breath of fresh air within the church today!  They come with no other agenda than to preach God's Word and see the people of God ministered to and blessed.  Thank-you for your faithfulness to God."
"This was by far the BEST message I have ever heard on the topic of faith and I have heard a good number of them in my day." ---a pastor
"Just a note to tell you and your family how blessed we were to have you all (at our church). Your message was life changing in our walk with Christ.  God bless you."
"Just wanted to thank you and tell you what a blessing you were to me. I wasn't there Sunday morning, but I have the video. I have been struggling with some things and you helped me make sense of them. I will be watching the video again later for anything I may have missed."
"I really enjoyed the powerful message you preached.  Be blessed."
"Wow! I still have goosebumps!!  I love it! Thank you to you and your beautiful family!  What a great message!  I'm SO very glad I was able to make it!  I wanted to dance a jig all the way home!  I couldn't because I was driving, but inside I was dancing like crazy!"
"My husband and I were so blessed.  You strengthened our walk with GOD even more.  Our eyes were opened to so many blessing from GOD, it is like nothing we have ever experienced.  I am so happy you came to our church.  I know we are all excited to have you and your family back in 2011.  GOD bless you all."
"I really enjoyed this ministry.  It was a great day!!!"
"I had a blessed day.  I bought some of the books on the product table and read them.  They were amazing.  We are so blessed and excited in God.  Life could not get any better."
"I got a lot of my questions, that I have had for a while, finally answered."
"Enjoyed both services.  What a blessing Time 2 Move Ministries was.  It was just what I needed.  Believing and trusting and just thanking God for everything He has done.  I'm claiming it in Jesus' name."
"Tremendous day with Evangelist Tim Groves!"
"Brother Tim's message was the very weapon my wife and I needed, as well as the church, to carry on for the Great Commission.  We agree that His Holy Spirit will flow out from among them as they go forth into the harvest." ---a pastor
"My family and I had the honor of seeing you at our church. My 13 year old and 15 year old daughters said after the service it was one of the best services they had attended. God really is using you folks.  We appreciate your commitment and faithfulness to the word."
"Thank you Brother Groves!  Your sermon made a deep impact on the entire congregation, and as early as it may seem, some people are already harvesting from a seed they sowed right after church.  Many have told me that they are now very careful about the words they use.  It is just amazing what God has done through you!  One man said he had never heard anyone explain so clearly the different types of giving like you did."
"I will never forget this message!  What a powerful word full of fresh revelation from the throne of God." ---a pastor
"Timothy and Bethany, thank you both and your family for obeying your calling. Your presentation and faith filled word of the tongue was AWESOME!  Your fuel filled fire is contagious.  I know God has huge plans for you both.  Your energy and truth is over the top.  Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us.  May our Father in heaven continue to bless you as you do His work!  I appreciate you both!"
"A wonderful message yesterday at church.  We were very blessed to have you there. Your message confirms what the Lord has been teaching me and showing me, He is so glorious. The one thing that I have not been so clear on, was the difference between an alm and an offering, thank you for making that very clear. 'For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong in the behalf of them, whose heart is perfect toward Him.' 2 Chron. 16:9"
"My spirit leaped with joy as I heard Rev. Tim Groves preach about the power of our words. I had been declaring depression and different illnesses over my body. God really spoke to me about what I am speaking!! I now only speak positive things over my body and my life!! I was set free from depression when Rev. Tim prayed for me and over me. Such a simple message, but a Powerful One!!  Rev. Tim and his wife Bethany have been such an encouragement to me!!  Finally someone who will speak the Truth in Love!!"
"Night church changed my life." ---from a 7 year old girl who doesn't normally have evening church services, but came that night and told this to her grandfather.
"Timothy, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you. This morning's service was undeniably POWERFUL & LIFE CHANGING. Now, all we have to do is heed to the Truths spoken that we may be a church, a people wherein all the forces in hell will have to stand back & watch the performance of a life time. A church, a people WITH power. A church, a people bonded together, united. A church, a people that are undefeated, nothing missing, nothing broken & moving in the fullness of God.  Thank you my friend. How refreshing to be in the company of those of like mind and spirit."
"Awesome!!!! Just got home from (church name withheld to protect privacy). Great worship and word. I will be changing my Stinkin' Thinkin' and my perverse mouth! God has truly blessed you with a beautiful family and Ministry. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily from this day on."
"It was a blessing to hear you speak at the morning service in (town name withheld). Your message regarding healing is certainly Bible based and not heard too much here in the State of Maine. The Word of God is powerful ~ thank you for being obedient to God's Word. Also, thank you for ministering and for praying for my son, daughter and sister. God Bless you both and your family and ministry. Our prayers are with you. God's Word will not come back void, so you may be assured that God will use your ministry in a mighty way."
"We really enjoyed fellowship with you and your family. You gave us so much to feed off of God's Word. We were truly blessed and looking forward to watching your ministry grow.  We will keep you in prayer. Blessings."
"If what you preached this morning is the message God has given you for this area, then I will be praying for you because it is a message we MUST hear."
"Please tell me you taped that message!  I need to hear that Word over and over.  What you shared was life changing!"
"This message is something for churches all over America to hear!  Please visit as many as you can!"
"I stand amazed at the simplicity of your message but the profound impact it had on my life.  I hope you come back to our area again."
"You have something in you that I want living in me.  I want that fire!"
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